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We ship to Japan Korea Germany UAE
Our shipments team is spearheaded by Patty Ramos and Rosa Rodriguez. They have been coordinating our shipments through the Port of Oakland to be sent all over the world for the past fifteen years.
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Packing Options

Travaille & Phippen ships almonds in 25 lb. boxes, super sacks, and fiber bins.

Reliably Fast

Travaille & Phippen is capable of shipping almonds within three months of receiving an order from our marketing department.

Consistently Safe

We track our product from the fields they are grown in to the loads they are shipped with. Our product is PEC certified upon request.

Wholesale Ready

We ship almonds in loads ranging from 36,000 to 44,000 lbs.

Exceptional Quality

Our facility is designed around giving you the best possible quality. Ask our marketing department about our US Extra #1.

Made in California

Our product is always grown and processed in the heart of California.